The Clayschool Summer Show 2017 - Information for Participants

Saturday 9th December 1pm-7pm  at Wandering Cooks .  

Check out the event details on Facebook. Invite your friends and family

The show is a great way to share your work with the community and get used to the public seeing your work.  Each year the show gets bigger and better. In order to make the process easier for everyone, we have tried to place all of the required information here on one page.

Here is how it works and what we need you to do:

  • Register your interest before November 25th
  • Make a collection of work (if you haven't already)
  • Decide on prices for the work
  • Complete the Catalog spreadsheet listing each of your pieces, a description and the price
  • Email the catalog before 5pm December 6th. 
  • Price all of the work - write your code (initials) and the price on a sticker. each piece must have a sticker
  • There will be half a table (approximately 800mm x 800mm) for you to exhibit your work on. If you have more work than this, you can store it in a container under the table and restock it as required. Please note - it is your responsibility to re-stock the work.
  • Drop your work to wandering cooks on Friday 8th December (work cannot be brought on Saturday as the carpark will be busy)
  • Come to set up your work on Saturday at 9am (if you are not available, we can do it for you but you need to let us know).
  • Participate in the running of the show - sign up for a 70min 'shift' on the sales desk or for setting up/packing up. (Roster is below)
  • There is a 15% commission which covers the organisation, admin, banking fees, accounting and costs of paper bags & wrapping paper. This fee will be subtracted from your sales.
  • Your 'takings' (minus the commission) will be calculated and transferred to you a week or so after the show.
  • All unsold work can be collected after 5pm or on Sunday between 8am and 12pm.
  • If you have questions or challenges, in the first case please use the forum below. Otherwise, email me.


Download the Catalog template here. It's a spreadsheet. You need to fill it out and email it to before 5pm on Wednesday 6th December.


Sign up to a shift on the ROSTER. This is a shared file and should update automatically.